Sacred Technology (Healing Tools)


The method of quantum resonant magnetic analysis is an emerging rapid, and non-invasive spectral testing method and which attempts to compare health products, and to give indications of sub-health conditions. The main experimental indications are over 39, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular , bone mineral , trace elements, blood, rheumatism, lung and respiratory tract, nephropathy, stomach and intestines, liver and gall, cranial nerves, gynecology, prostate, bone disease, the trace elements of selenium, iron, zinc and calcium, etc.

01- Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
02- Gastrointestinal function
03- Liver function
04- Gallbladder function
05- Pancreatic function
06- Kidney function
07- Lung function
08- Brain nerve
09- Bone disease
10- Bone mineral density
11- Rheumatoid bone disease
12- Blood sugar
13- Basic physical quality
14- Human toxin
15- Trace element
16- Prostate
17- Male sexual function
18- Gynecology
19- Skin
20- Endocrine System
21- Immune System
22- Breast
23- Vitamin.
24- Amino Acid
25- Bone Growth Index
26- Eye
27- Heavy Metal
28- Allergy
29- Coenzyme
30- Element of human
31- Obesity
32- Collogen
33- Pulse of heart and brain
34- Channels and collaterals
35- Sperm and semen(male)
36- Menstrual cycle(female)
37- Blood lipids
38- Comprehensive Report Card
39- Large intestine.

8 Omega Professional System    $USD 7250

“The Omega Scanner employs a treatment method designed to strengthen the body and enhance the body’s natural recovery to health. Making use of this device affords the practitioner and client an opportunity similar to one-stop-shopping;”

The Omega Scanner is designed to provide the most accurate results because it focuses on the source, the brain, therefore, the mind is where we begin accumulating information on the changes that occur in the body. The sensors in the headphones placed on the ears of the subject will trigger the brain to communicate the frequencies that occur within the body. Each and every change at the cellular level will be detected and identified, whether the challenge is a bacteria, virus, parasite, or any dis-ease manifestation or biochemical being, it will be detected by recognition of its unique frequency/signature and be identified by name and development stage

It has been used to check :
Emotional health
and it has AURA function which can show unbalanced energy of organs,
checks bacteria, pathogens, allergen analysis, microbes and parasites, fungi
biochemical dynamic level, check suitability of foods
Analysis of the following:
1. The cardiovascular system
2. Gastro-intestinal tract
3. Genital-urinary system
4. Musculoskeletal system
5. Bronchi-pulmonary system

6. The endocrine system
7. Visual and hearing aids/organs
8. The nervous system
9. Biochemical analysis of blood without interference
10. Infection in the organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc.(staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, 

  1. Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads
  2. level of immunity
    13. Allergy diagnosis (complex tests up to 500 allergens)
    14. Medical testing (individual selection of drugs)
    15. Chromosomal diagnosis

16. Laboratory Analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements)
17. AURA function :can show weakness energy of organ
18. Treatment of pathological processes identified by the bio resonance therapy (meta- therapy).
19. The treatment method litho-therapy (spectral frequencies individually selected minerals)

OMEGA PRO SYSTEM (The Rolls Royce of Bio-energy Systems)  $USD 9000


The HT System represents a major advance in the field of
electronic medicine, going far beyond radionics, and EAV type technology.
Harmonic Translation refers to the translation of biologically active information into synthesized frequency shifts in sound, color, geometry and electromagnetic signals.
The Harmonic Translation System is not simply a machine that performs a number of healing activities, it is a true synthesizer of electronic medicine.  An instrument that is adaptable, and that can function equally well in any complimentary modality.

Measure energy values for all organs, organ systems and metabolic functions.
Find and measure energetic pathologies and toxicity anywhere in the body.
Test all known modalities to find the right approach for each person.
Test foods, supplements, and medicines.
Run any test for people or animals with direct electronic hookup to the body or from a small hair sample.
Create your own diagnostic programs quickly and easily.
Print out diagnostic reports or store them in client files.

Over 2000 medicinal items in the electronic dispensary. You can quickly scan new medicinal items into your dispensary.
Compose electronic treatments by selecting medicines from the electronic dispensary.
Combine sound, color and geometry in treatment for greater effect.
Output electronic medicine you have composed as shifting frequencies of sound, color and animated geometries.
Create homeopathic, flower, and gem elixir remedies as needed.

The e capsule treatment delivery system.
As well as being able to output treatments as sound, light and graphics and record these as audio or video, the HT system can configure any composed treatment into what we call e capsules. These are complete multimedia treatments compressed into small files that can be sent to clients anywhere in the world via e mail and can be played as needed by the client on their own computers. E capsules can be programmed by the user as to the number of doses of electronic medicine to dispense as well as an expiration date for the electronic prescription. To experience e capsule treatments on their own computers, clients must have the e dispenser program which they get for free from you (the practitioner) or download directly from the New Science web site. The e dispenser program works like an electronic medicine cabinet and  is free ware that can be given to anyone. This feature allows practitioners to cultivate and service a global clientele regardless of their geographical location.

Accelerate research protocols with fast electronic kinesiology for analysis.
Test new medicines and treatments before they are actually used.
Experimentally create new electronic medicinal items, edit and test them for effect


Digital kinesiology – used to detect imbalances in the body

Babies and children
• The elderly
• Athletes
• People suffering from injuries
• Individuals recovering from surgery

A modern lifestyle uses up a lot of energy and may leave you feeling tired constantly. While you may not be suffering from any serious disease, having low energy levels may also prevent you from feeling well or from enjoying life in general. A variety of factors may bring about low energy. These include overexertion, anxiety, depression, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, pregnancy, stress, poor sleep quality, and low blood sugar levels.

Kinesiology helps with balancing your energy levels. Using muscle testing one can find out how the body needs re-balancing. And its amazing possibilities…

Nutritional deficiencies,
for nutrition and dieting by testing which emotions trigger the cravings for certain foods, to test which ingredients a person is allergic to and for asking the amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that would be best for the body.

Emotional patterns,
Organ weakness or support,
Energetic imbalance,
In Helping with Environmental Issues, it can be used for: finding energy vortexes in a house.
Acupuncture meridian imbalance,
Using Muscle Testing for Allergy testing: It’s useful for asking what side effects or benefits are being caused by a particular drug and in testing which flower, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, trees, molds and mildews or pollens you are allergic to.
Causes of Stress
Emotional Blocks
The basis of Emotional Complex Clearing (ecc) is muscle testing or kinesiology
Musculoskeletal problems


A comprehensive diagnosis, analysis and treatment system which uses electromagnetic principles to stimulate healing and balance. The entire body field is measured for energy imbalances in under 20 seconds and a detailed report of results is generated. Recommendations for treatment is based on the use of the miHealth frequency device.

Vascular  Analyser   $USD300

 Diagnosing peripheral artery disease is simple and painless. Using a handheld ultrasound probe, the blood pressure at the ankle and upper arm is detected; it should be roughly equal. If the pressure in the ankle is significantly less, peripheral artery disease MAY be present

.A water-soluble gel is placed on a handheld device called a transducer, which directs the high-frequency sound waves to the artery or veins being tested; this technique is used to measure and assess the flow of blood through the blood vessels. The amount of blood pumped with each beat is an indication of the size of a vessel’s opening. Also, Doppler can detect abnormal blood flow within a vessel, which can indicate a blockage caused by a blood clot, a plaque, or inflammation.

The Breast Health Scanner  $USD 850

Great for home or Clinics. The Breast light Scanner is a product that allows you to see inside your breasts. It works by shining a powerful White light through the breast tissue.

A powerful light source with a bright-white beam, shown to be effective in detecting unusual Breast anomalies– could be the answer to anyone worried about the effectiveness of self-examination.

Waist and Lumbar Laser   $USD 350

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the use of a low-powered laser that emits specific wavelengths of light in the visible red and/or far infrared range for therapeutic purposes. This involves the application of low power light to areas of the body in order to stimulate healing. It is also known as cold laser, soft laser or low intensity laser.

The reason why the technique is termed LOW-level is that the optimum levels of energy density delivered are low when compared to other forms of laser therapy as practiced for ablation, cutting, and thermally coagulating tissue.

Knee injuries and conditions treated by low-level laser include tendonitis, bursitis, meniscus tears, runners knee/chondromalacia patella, knee joint effusion, iliotibial band syndrome, osgood schlatters disease, osteoarthritis

LLLT for pain relief, inflammation and healing. In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of laser biostimulation as a therapeutic modality for pain management (Strong, 2002). Alterations in neuronal activity have been suggested to play a role in pain relief by laser therapy.

Many published reports document the positive findings for laser biostimulation in pain management. This level of evidence relates to chronic neck pain (Chow et al., 2005), tendonitis (Bjordal et al., 2006), chronic joint disorders (Bjordal et al., 2003), musculoskeletal pain (Gerber et al., 2001), and chronic pain (Aronoff, 1999). Randomised controlled trials provide evidence for the efficacy of laser therapy in chronic low back pain (Frazer et al., 2003).

LLLT significantly improves wound healing in both diabetic rats and diabetic mice. LLLT was also effective in X-radiation impaired wound healing in mice. Furthermore, the total collagen content was significantly increased at 2 months, when compared with control wounds. The beneficial effect of LLLT on wound healing can be explained by considering several basic biological mechanisms, including the induction of the expression of cytokinesis and growth factors known to be responsible for the many phases of wound healing. Figure below shows the mechanism of LLLT on wound healing (Lucas et al., 2002).

Waist Care Massager combines massage, pressure kneading, vibration and Laser irradiation and LED technologies together. It can improve the blood circulation as well as enhance the strength and stability of the lumbar region.

Complete Laser Care System (Waist, Lumbar and Knee)  POA

• Increase production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
• Increase cellular metabolism
• Increase collagen production
• Increase enzyme production
• Increase esprotein synthesis
• Better blood flow
• Better lymphatic flow and drainage
• Eliminate inflammation

The laser probe provides energy with a combination of predominantly laser light (810nm) and peripheral laser light (650nm) diodes to provide a distribution of laser energy over the entire effected area. By applying the laser energy, it triggers normal cellular functions that lead to faster wound healing, pain relief and accelerated functional recovery. It is the most innovative and promising laser therapy device released to date.

Laser Acupuncture   $USD 350

Always wanted to try acupuncture but are hesitant because of “needles”? Try laser acupuncture! A relatively new method , laser acupuncture usually uses low-energy laser beams — instead of traditional acupuncture needles — to influence the flow of current at the acupuncture points. Beyond conventional medicine, this procedure is usually the preferred procedure for effective treatment of painful conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, arthritis, and chronic headaches. .

A laser acupuncturist typically aims a beam of light from a laser tube onto an acupuncture point, stimulating it similar to the way acupuncture needles do. Because you are not breaking the skin—there is zero risk of infection

“Multiple published studies have shown good effects of laser acupuncture for the following conditions:
Weight loss,
Reduce fatigue
Enhance relaxation
Heal Damaged Tissue
Regenerate Cells
Regenerate Bone Growth

Reduce Pain
Retard Inflammation
Boost Immune System
Restore Chi Energies
Reduce insomnia
Reduce asthma symptoms
Reduce pain
Reduce inflammation
Improve mild–moderate depression
Reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting
Improve allergic rhinitis
Reduce postmastectomy limb lymphedema
Reduce chronic prostatitis symptoms
Smoking cessation

Rife Pro Sound Therapy  $USD 700

Did You Know You Can Tune Your Body?
Like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance.

Sound therapy is the practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissue and cells within the body. It works on the basis that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies, and sickness, disease, depression and stress causes human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency. Using Sound Frequencies that promote healing, and vitality will encourage DNA to repair themselves, several scientific studies have been conducted on the potential healing benefits of audio sound frequencies Advocates of sound healing claim that it has the power to heal mental illness, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and can even

 Scalar Energy Wand  $USD 40

“Zero-point energy, also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy, is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have; it is the energy of its ground state. All quantum mechanical systems undergo fluctuations even in their ground state and have an associated zero-point energy, a consequence of their wave-like nature.

If you are looking for simple and convenient way to balance and energize the body, loosen muscles and relief from pain, the  Energy Wand, a revolutionary product from Asia is the answer you have been looking for!

The Scalar Energy Wand looks like an ordinary pen, but it’s not. This futuristic healing tool contains a special combination of granulated minerals and crystals fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level to resonate at Zero-Point Energy. The special crystals in the  Wand have powerful healing qualities and are energy amplifiers that can absorb, store, release and regulate energy. The Wand helps to balance the body’s energy and speed up the healing process, targeting the immune and nervous systems.

Benefits May Include:

o Better Sleep
o Reduced Stress
o Increase Energy
o Relieve Headaches
o Increases Circulation

The Wand may be used in any way you find beneficial. However, here are a few basic suggestions.
Point the wand as closely as possible, or lightly touch it to the area of the body you are choosing to work on.
Rotate the wand around the area in clockwise movement. Repeat as needed or desired.
Use the wand on your hands, fingers and toes so as to open the meridians of the body using the acupressure or acupuncture points.
In addition, you can use the wand on your face to help rejuvenate the skin.

Like fruits and vegetables, our cells slowly deteriorate with age. By using the  Energy Wand, these cells can be re-energized at a molecular level. The natural balanced energy of the  Wand may help improve sleep patterns, decrease muscle tension and improve the positive chi energy of the body when worn, carried or placed under your bed or pillow while sleeping. It can help strengthen the body and immune system against the detrimental effects of daily stress and exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

You may also stir liquids with the wand to energize your drinks or rotate it above your food to energize it as well.
Rotating the wand above a drink, the Zero point energy spins into the liquid. Or liquid can be poured over the Wand where it picks up the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world.

PowerPulsar 9  $ USD 450

Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)
The purpose of this treatment is to disable microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are “hiding” in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc. This is a very important part of the protocol for wellness,
High-intensity Pulsed Magnetic Fields: The third step is externally applied magnetic resonance of lymph, spleen, kidney and liver, which helps to neutralize germinating, latent alien invaders and thus blocks reinfection. This quickens disease elimination, restores the immune system and supports detoxification. Detoxification is essential because you are throwing off millions of dead and dying bugs. Permanent magnets, no matter how strong, will not scavenge pathogens with electromotive force. It is important to be able to deal with rapid detoxification without producing tremendous discomfort.

More energy
From a physics perspective, the energy foundations of life is based on electromagnetism.
 Better sleep
Use the Magnetic Pulser as an alternative treatment for sleep.
 Pain relief
Magnetic therapy provides a natural and alternative pain treatment.
 Sports performance
Many elite athletes around the world are successfully using pulsed electromagnetic fields as an alternative therapy to peak out their sports performance.
Use the Magnetic Pulsars’ pulsed magnetic fields assist in the removal of waste and toxins in the body.
 Stress relief
Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) prevent and manage stress reactions in the body.
 Healthy aging
Electromagnetic therapy is a holistic approach for anti-aging.
Complementary way to relieve pain and inflammation and promote healing.

Magnetic Field System  $USD 3000

The Magnafield Model uses low level INDUCED Magnetic Energy Fields of Specifically Pulsed Frequencies suggested to be Therapeutically Beneficial for the TEMPORARY RELIEF of MANY BODILY DISCOMFORTS.

The Magnafield system maybe useful for the following:

  • Pain – from migraine headaches . to troubled feet (temporary relief)
    • Arthritis, Rheumatism, Muscle Spasms (temporary relief of pain)
    • Backache – Sciatica, Neck and Shoulder complaints, trauma relief (temporary relief)
    • Circulatory System – may assist in the maintenance of peripheral circulation
    • Respiratory disorders – Hay Fever, Sinusitis, Bronchial spasm, (temporary relief of symptoms)
    • Inflammation – Burns, Bruising, Lesions, Bed Sores, Ankle Joint Swelling
    • Tendonitis – R.S.I., bursitis, ligament and muscle strains, rehabilitation
    • Sports Injuries – Acute, Cramps (relief of), also for pre-sport and ‘pre-exercise toning


Rife/Crane Pro Mark 9 Option 6   $USD 9000

Rife Pro The latest, powerful Rife frequency Resonator software technology.
Its a Rife/Crane system
Rife 10.2″ Screen Included
Its a Bob Beck Zapper
Its a Hulda Clarke Zapper
Its a BT9 For Sleep and Depression
Its a TENS unit for Aches and pains etc
Its a CES (cranial electro stimulation) system
It can be used as a Bob Beck type pulser (options 2-4)
Over 700 Presets for hundreds for diseases with a Hulda Clark to Rife Frequency converter, giving you thousands of more frequencies with a few mouse clicks.
TBSW Generator Pro : Similar to binaural beats, but used for theta healing, insomnia, pain relief and more. The TBSW Generator in Professional has features not available in our other systems.
Export presets to wave audio format for making CDs for your clients or patients
Chakra Tools : Align and balance chakras (the human energy centers)
Sweep Generator : For assistance in finding your own healing frequencies (great for emerging diseases like H7N1 bird flu etc…)
More : Ancient Tones –
A Client / Patient Database

You can run up to 20 frequencies at once saving you time – without sacrificing power
Over 700 Fast Presets for hundreds of health problems – 2 mouse clicks and you’re up and running
Hulda Clark Frequency Converter lets you use Hulda Clark frequencies giving you healing power

Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Produces an alkaline effect
Reduces symptoms
Fights infections
Supports healing
Reduces fluid retention
Increases cellular oxygen
Encourages deep restorative sleep
Produces a bright mental effect
Reduces fatty deposits
Establishes healing polarity
Stimulates meletonin production
Normalizes natural alkaline

Athlete’s foot,
Bone spurs
Back pain
Carpal Tunnel,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Colds (some),
Constipation ,
Cramps ,
Depression ,
Diabetes ,
Dysmenorrhea ,
Dental infection,
Heart Conditions
Infections Leukemia,
Fever ,
Flu (some strains) ,
Joint pain,
Kidney infection
Leukemia ,
Multiple Sclerosis ,
Prostate Cancer ,
Pneumonia ,
Sarcoma ,
Stroke Warts ,
Staph & Strep


Rife/Crane Pro Entry Level   $USD 630

EURO RITME (New Generation)   POA

It is designed to resonate at the same frequency as healthy organs between 0.1 – 100 Hz in order to upregulate and optimize the functioning of all the organ systems.The device works quietly and painlessly with over 1,650 separate frequencies, working on the principle of resonant frequencies to subtly restore the normal functioning of organs and systems, while at the same time detoxifying. These created frequencies are in perfect harmony with the body’s natural frequencies and are not harmful in any way.

  • cardiovascular system such as hypertension, angina, tachycardia, edema, varicose veins
  • endocrine disorders or hormonal imbalances
  • kidneys such as pyelonephritis, renal colic
  • urological diseases such as prostatic adenoma, prostatitis
  • gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS, bowel distenstion, inflammatory conditions
  • respiratory system such as bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary edema, pneumonia
  • headaches of various origins
  • diseases of Central and peripheral nervous system
  • gynecological diseases
  • tonsillitis, laryngitis, otitis media and many other diseases

(research studies in Russia to treat the above health conditions)


Stand-alone diagnostic device.Has been recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, America, Israel and other countries as an official method of diagnosis.

The diagnostic mode uses bioresoance testing to determine the following:

  • identification of parasites
  • identification of bacteria
  • identification of fungi
  • identification of viruses
  • identification of organ imbalances
  • identifying the underlying causes of diseases
  • identifying drug interactions in the patient
  • identifying scar, sinus, tooth and tonsil foci
  • identifying food intolerances
  • identifying energetic imbalances in meridians and chakras


New generation anti-aging device. The skin can be considered a reflection of deeper health issues in a person. A dry, tired-looking and irritated skin shows that something in the person is imbalanced or not functioning well. The EURO COSMO was designed to help the skin recuperate its natural elasticity and vitality using Quantum light as well as electromagnetic therapy to iron out wrinkles, but it is considered as a sophisticated anti-ageing device.

But it goes far beyond the wrinkles – it is actually a sophisticated anti-ageing device that helps to rejuvenate and balance vital organ systems that are known to lead to premature ageing when they are imbalanced.

Apart from rejuvenating the skin using Quantum coloured light on specific zones of the body, it can also be used with its electromagnetic healing modality combined with the Quantum light to upregulate and balance the following organ systems: female system, male system, endocrine system, skin, heart and vascular, digestion, excretory system. Beauty from within – it balances internally to bring about youthful appearance – pre-installed programmes for bright eyes, feet, skin, hands, toning – a total beauty spa!





This is a powerful combination of the EURO RITME and the COSMO PHARM.


  • The diagnostic mode uses bioresonance testing to determine the following:
  • identification of parasites
  • identification of bacteria
  • identification of fungi
  • identification of viruses
  • identification of organ imbalances
  • identifying the underlying causes of diseases
  • identifying drug interactions in the patient
  • identifying scar, sinus, tooth and tonsil foci
  • identifying food intolerances
  • identifying energetic imbalances in Meridians and Chakras


In the therapy mode, the EURO-Professional is capable of delivering 5 different methods of treatment:

  • Treatments using electro-acupuncture
  • Treatments using Electromagnetic therapy
  • Treatments using Quantum healing
  • Treatments using Bio-resonance therapy
  • A combination of the abovementioned treatments

Sacred Harmony Resonator

The use of harmonic frequencies which occur naturally on earth from mountains, oceans, earth’s pulse are included in this versatile and powerful device. With frequencies from  7.83 Hz (Schumman resonance) to 852Hz. The spectrum of healing is wide and inclusive of the most important frequencies.It uses the ancient Solfeggio frequencies from 396Hz RED (liberating guilt an fear),417Hz ORANGE (undoing situations and facilitating change),528Hz YELLOW (transformation and miracles and DNA repair),639Hz GREEN (connecting/relationships), 741Hz BLUE (awakening intuition), 852Hz GREEN&BLUE (returning to spiritual order).It also comes with the 7.83Hz BRIGHT BLUE (the Schumann Resonance).

BTP System $USD 250

An exemplary combination of frequencies with CES to give you a comprehensive treatment protocol. Excellent for memory, focus (ADD/ADHD), depression and mental health, phobias, anxiety, addictions. Includes blood purifier (micro-organisms). Fully upgradeable to include extra features such as chakra balancing, sleep cycle, brain tuner, AV mode.With frequencies from 0.5Hz to 100 Hz it covers core organs and specific systems to integrate the body and mind.


Ability to Focus
Deep Relaxation
Centering and Calmness
Reduced Nervous Energy
Deeper, more Restful Sleep
Better Sexual Performance
Improved Mental Abilities
Short Term Memory Improvement
Increased Mental and Physical Energy
Reduced Negative Behavior Patterns
Heightened Alpha Brainwave Patterns
Improved Attention Span and Concentration

Portable Ultrasonic Atomized Nebuliser   $USD60

Recommended to be used with colloidal silver as research indicates that colloidal silver may be used as a natural antibiotic.A natural way to use the nebulization process to alleviate respiratory conditions in adults and children with the use of this nebulizer for drug free interventions.

Prostate Health Care   $USD450

Modern lifestyle is the prime cause of most prostate problems. Constant sitting incorrectly, deficient foods,smoking and alcohol, these things all poison and suffocate the cells in the prostate gland. This is what creates the diseases or the breeding ground for the bacteria that cause the disease, Poison your prostate enough and you’ll create prostate cancer. It’s no mystery.

As men age, a potent form of the male hormone testosterone, called DHT, may begin to accumulate within the prostate. The buildup of DHT is thought to contribute to an overproduction of prostate cells, which can then lead to prostate enlargement, putting pressure on the urethra and interfering with normal urinary function.

Prostatic enlargement known as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) also increases with advancing age. BPH has been reported in over 90% of men over the age of 85, although it is relatively uncommon before the age of 35. BPH is in large part related to hormonal changes that occur with aging which relates to male hormonal function (androgens). Significant BPH can lead to obstruction of urinary function and potential renal failure if untreated.

Very recent studies indicate that a healthy blood flow is integral to a healthy prostate. If you are suffering from a prostate disorder like prostatitis, BPH, have to frequently use the bathroom or are simply looking to promote a healthy prostate, then a Prostate Health Care Device may be a viable alternative to conventional treatments like antibiotics and surgery.

Prostate Health Care Device is the most advanced health care devices of the prostate gland in the world today. This product starts a new technologic era in health care of the prostate gland.

It combines
infrared ray
electronic pulse,
light therapy,
magnet therapy and
to improve the whole environment of the pelvic cavity in order to increase blood circulation overall to the pelvic cavity.
It allows increase blood flow into the weakened tissue for enhance recovery and pain relief.

The special care to the most important acupoint Huiyin of prostate gland and pelvic cavity plays a very important role in the device, this helps to improve the total conditions of the procreation system.

The special red light can even get through the muscles and reach the prostate gland to give light therapy on this part. Mean-while, this device also has obvious effects upon female pelvic cavity. Also it can help to prevent the disease of rectum.


Natural energy generating device that produces scalar energy frequencies which rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. It restructures water into high energy levels and superior quality. It may restore the natural chi of water, food and cosmetics. A very versatile portable disc that you can take anywhere with you. the disc can be rubbed onto painful areas for relief. It’s best used to add ”life” back to water and foods and in this age of toxic environments, this  disc will add beneficial energy all round.


Air pollution is a serious. though unrecognised problem. Elimination of air pollutants and control of air environment ensures health and wellbeing. use of negative ion generators are beneficial to the human body in purifying the air that we breathe. This air purifier is small and portable and can be worn around the neck.


Of major significance to your health is the air you breathe. Negative ions have a positive effect on people and positive ions may compromise health. the air in our cars are the most toxic  due to traffic, air borne pollutants. It simply plugs into the cigarette lighter socket (12V) and you have healthier air and a cleaner environment instantly.

Products are updated regularly so please check our website for more information

All above prices are subject to change dependent on exchange rate. Shipping and postage costs are extra.



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