1st   –                  Newcastle, KZN   Consults, Seminar

10th – 20th          Consults/Seminar/Presentation

Western Cape  – Integrity Health Shop, Urban Retreat, Belle Vie Estate


15th – 19th         Hong Kong Wellness Tour & Consults

22nd                  Free Intro Talk  ”Quantum Travel into Consciousness” (7pm-8pm)                                    Awaken Mumbai  –  Bookings Essential

23rd                  Free Intro Talk ”Quantum Travel into Consciousness”

Life Positive Soul Space  –  Mumbai

7pm – 8pm   and   7.30pm  – 8.30pm

Bookings Essential

24th                 Private Consults  –  Awaken Mumbai  –  By appointment only

25th                 BEGINNER Workshop        10h00-14h30       Rs1080pp

Awaken Mumbai, A Soul Care Centre

ADVANCED WORKSHOP      5pm-8pm              Rs3600pp

Awaken Mumbai, A Soul Care Centre

26th                CHILDREN/TEENS WORKSHOPS – SMARTKIDZ (6-12years) 10am-1pm

TOPTEENZ (13-17years)  3pm -6pm   Rs 1800pp

Awaken Mumbai, a Soul Care Centre

27th – 29th     Private Consults – Mumbai – By appointment only


1st – 8th         Bangalore, India – Talks, Seminars and Private consults

1st                 Redesign Your Life Seminar  and Talk ”Quantum Level Consciousness”

Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

2nd               SMARTKIDZ and TOPTEENZ

Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

9th               Seminar Redesign your Life   5pm – 7pm   Rs1080 (Beginner’s Course)

Life Research Academy, Hyderabad

10th -11th    Hyderabad Consults

12th -13th    Chennai Consults, talks and seminars

14th – 16th   Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo Ashram


2nd – 30th         Global Wellness Tour

New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton


13th -19th        Consults/Presentations

Underberg, KZN

24th – 26th       SMARTKIDZ/TOPTEENZ

Durban, KZN


7th -9th           National Women’s Day Celebrations

Redesign Your Life Seminar

21st -23rd       Consults/Seminars

Johannesburg, Pretoria


1st-10th          Consults/Seminars

Western Cape

18th – 28th     Consults/Seminars