1067”At best, IQ contributes about 20 percent to the factors that determine life success, which leaves 80 percent to other forces:forces grouped as emotional intelligence”…Coleman

”People of all ages can learn virtually anything if allowed to do it through their own unique styles, their own personal strengths”…Prashing

The way in which we raise our children and the manner in which we educate our children, has the potential to transform our world. 

The 21st century comes with its unique set of challenges for parents, teachers and learners. Performance measures, benchmarking, timelines, quota intakes, social pressures and the issues around ‘instant results’ create a real scenario of intense pressure for the learning community. The overt focus on the 3R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) continues to plague holistic education. This system of standardized education – one size fits all – has eroded the the true spirit and goal of education. It is no wonder that emotional, behavioural and learning issues are on the increase and children and young adults have become disengaged from the current education system, as it is designed to serve a mass production line with a cookie-cutter approach.

Another cause for concern within the education system is the focus on deficits, disorders and dysfunctions. A system which labels and pigeon-holes children is an obsolete one. Labels lead to ”pathologizing” our children and then medicating them, in most cases, to control or subdue their behaviour. Is this how we nurture and empower our children?  Are we aware that our education systems, globally, continue to marginalise emotional and social learning?

A ground-breaking study by Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of  Education, (Project Zero) discovered an interesting phenomenon termed ”The Genius Dip”. Research indicated that virtually all children  born up to the age of 4 had genius capabilities, but this begins to drop as they get older and by the age of 20 and above only 2% of the population retain their genius capabilities.

This is a serious concern. Knowing that a child spends most of their time at school from the ages of 4 to approximately 18/19 years, means that something is outrageously wrong with the way in which we are teaching our children.

Conscious Classrooms is about re-awakening the genius within each child, supporting the well-being of teachers and building a platform of resources for parents. The intention is to restore the natural enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder of the teaching and learning process. To build an integrated learning community infused with love, compassion, kindness and care. To encourage collaboration, sharing and caring for one another. To restore the true nature of humanity.

And all of this…through the simple, yet profound act of how we raise and teach our children.

It is time to deconstruct standardized education.

The world our kids are going to live in is changing four times faster than our schools.

 Conscious Classrooms is a dynamic and inspiring programme designed to integrate social and emotional learning in schools to create a better world. Aimed at supporting the whole learning community of learner, teacher and parents it is choc-full of resources and breakthrough interventions packaged to stimulate both teaching and learning in diverse and captivating ways.

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The following resources are available for Conscious Classrooms

The 9 Gem’s Path

This is an extraordinary and powerful technique which takes your child out of the loop of fear and insecurity, to one of joyful expression of talents. The 9 Gem’s Path begins with

It’s an interactive and joyous process of unfolding the gems from within. Each step is profoundly awakening and builds confidence as the Path unfolds. The level of clarity and transformation reached during this process, is a gift that every child or teacher will embrace.

S M A R T      Success = Mind And heaRt Together

This innovative technique is designed to integrate heart and mind to support the full spectrum of a growing child’s potential. Based on a wide body of research and evidence-based practice, SMART is a powerfully transformative approach to bringing the HEART-MIND MATRIX into the learning environment.

T H R I V E     Teenz Hearts aRe Incredible Vibrant Energy

Frontier-science techniques including breakthrough technology to incorporate the deep wisdom of the heart-mind matrix to guide cognition, wise choices and an engaging life. The core values of care, compassion, kindness and love form the cornerstone of THRIVE, so that our teens flourish and blossom in a nurturing and understanding space.

An Overview of the Structure of Conscious Classrooms

This is a 3 day Intensive Workshop which is offered in the following manner:

Day 1 – Discovering Who I am (this component is designed for teachers/caregivers/those who support children)

             An Energy Scan which identifies and codes over 2000 wellness indicators in the body including emotional                    blocks, limiting belief patterns, strengths and virtues.

            Personality Profiling – deep insights into which core memories have shaped your personality and how to clear               and re-design a balanced and healthy personality

            The Brain Demystified – The Hilarious Antics of the Male and Female Brain; Our Super Brain

            The Profound Intelligence of my Heart

            Clearing and Balancing Energy Centres – Use of Breakthrough Energy Technology

            Research – Cutting-Edge research on Personal Development, Energy Medicine, NeuroBioScience

Day 2 – Discovering our Children ( this component is designed to get to the core aspects of positive child psychology, getting to the root of what is ailing our children and how to transform this)

            What the Bleep are we doing to our Children !!

            Understanding the New Gen Child (Emotionally, Physically, Cognitively, Socially, Spiritually)

            Neuro-Diversity ( learning styles, multiple intelligences, heart-mind matrix, neurobiology of learning)

           Energy Medicine for Children and Teens (re-calibrating frequencies for happiness and meaning in life)

           Working with & Understanding Children and Teens ( as vibrational beings of energy)

           Integrating the Heart-Mind Matrix – techniques for happy,intelligent,creative,kind and caring children

           Contemplative Practice – expanding consciousness & awareness

           Research – Cutting-edge research on the neuropsychology of children/teens/young adults

Day 3 – Integrating the Experience and Implementing Conscious Classrooms (includes parents)

           Strengthening the Learning Triad (teachers, child, parents)

           Raising Happy Children – strategies for conscious parenting

           Supporting Young Children (SMART)

           Supporting Teens  (THRIVE)

           Setting up Conscious Classrooms

           Resources ( CD’s, Inspirational Cardz, Activity Books, Board Games, Fun & Creative Activities, Nature School)

          Monitoring and Evaluation (including collation of data) and ongoing research

          Support – Global Network of Conscious Classrooms

Please note that Conscious Classrooms Seminar comes with  CERTIFICATE OF ACCREDITATION, and membership of GLOBAL NETWORK OF CONSCIOUS CLASSROOMS