2015 here I Come!

Resolutions! Decisions! Choices! Changes! Options!

So much to reflect on as the pages of the year turn a new leaf. It’s a tender moment of a multitude of thoughts about what has gone on in the past and where you would like to be in 2015.

Focal areas are relationships, finances and health.

Reflect on these three areas in your life, from the past year. Where have your greatest challenges been? how did you try to cope with what was happening? Did you find solutions?

Now bring yourself to the present moment…which area would you like to strengthen for 2015? Allow your thoughts to flow with ease and grace by saying ”Wouldn’t it be nice if i could increase my income this year?” (or any area you would like to focus on). then breathe into this feeling of ease and grace, as you see images of your finances growing healthily, visualising a life of comfort…

How does this make you feel? Just one emotion. Happy? Relieved? Free? Content?

Whatever the feeling is – bring your attention to it and breathe it in and out through your heart at least 5X. Relax deeply. Let go.

Your job is done for now.

Celebrate YOU!
Celebrate YOU!

NEXT STEP: How to allow and receive….

New Year New You!